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Eye Care

The eye examination

An eye examination is undertake by one of our optometrists and usually takes between 20 and 30 minutes.

This is in effect a health check for your eyes. In addition to determining the strength of spectacles you may, or indeed may not require, the eyes are examined inside and out for any signs of disease.

We will need to know whether you are experiencing any ocular symptoms and whether they are associated with your work or lifestyle, this assists to advise whether spectacles may be needed and when they need to be worn.

You will be asked whether there is any family history of eye disease. Some conditions can be hereditary and extra tests may need to be undertaken to ensure that they are not affecting you.

Your optometrist will also ask about any medication you may be taking. Some drugs can specifically affect the eyes and further examination may be required to ensure that there are no problems.

At the conclusion of your examination you will be given a copy of our results.

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